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Dated: 4/26/2009
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Sherman A. Meeds Jr.

I lived right on the water in a bay on US seaboard for the first four years of my life, then moved into the country, kept horses, cattle, dogs, and pigs, and had a lot of experience in working with animals. I grew up in a fairly small town, worked for the Parks Department for a while, then joined the US Navy.

I spent slightly over 20 years working in Naval Aviation. I was a Navy inspector for three years, lived in Japan for three years and in the Philippine Islands for three more. I went stationed in squadrons on the USS Enterprise, USS Coral Sea, and USS Theodore Roosevelt. I made six cruises long cruises, from six to eight and a half months. I was on the Roosevelt during the War in the Gulf, 1991. I was on the USS Enterprise off of Vietnam when Saigan fell in 1975. (Actually, I was also off of Vietnam on the USS Enterprise when the initial attack into South Vietnam was launched in December 1974.) The squadron I was attached to was part of the protection provided to the Kurds in Iraq after the War in the Gulf, and a part of the No-Fly Zone enforcement provided by the USS Theodore Roosevelt over Bosnia in 1992-1993. I was on a cruise around the world on the USS Coral Sea when Nicaragua announced it would become communist, and my ship spent about 40 days giving air shows off of Nicaragua for the local leaders of countries, although the Nicaraguans never came. I went through the suez canal twice, went across the equator more times than I would like to remember, and I have been involved in too many incidents where a friend did not return from a job.

I worked as a Weight & Balance coordinator for all of the aircraft types that I worked with, including F-4 Phantoms, F-14 Tomcats, H-3 Sea Kings, H-53, C-1, C-2, A-4, etc. I have spent time in quite a few countries, including Japan (Misawa, Kwanto Plain, Sasebo, Okinawa, etc.), Philippines (Luzon island), Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea (Taegu, Seoul, Pusan), Italy, France, Greece, Israel, Monaco, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Fujarah), Bahrain, Australia, Guam, Kenya, and spent quite a few months in the lovely paradise of Diego Garcia. (That doesn't count the places I spent just a few hours or stayed overnight.) I spent many days crawling through the old city areas in Rhodes, Greece and Pompei, Italy, analyzing the construction, and how people lived. Most of all, I have had long talks with tourists from many countries of the world and learned a great deal of the little pieces of their lifestyle that aren't well known.

I have been studying historical mysteries and the background historical factors since I was 16, and I am now much older than sixteen. I worked generally as a statistician and data analyst in the US Navy, although I usually had something to do with computers. I have been writing for my own interests since I as 15 years old. Today I work in the prosecution division for a Washington city writing and maintaining software for criminal case management.



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