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My book, Three Brands of Murder, will be completed in July 2009, although I do not yet have a publisher. It analyzes all of the available data on Jack the Ripper, the 'Black Dahlia' Killings, and San Francisco's Zodic killings, then compares what the data means to what the police felt about the crimes and how the crimes and killers were portrayed in the media.

The intent of the book is to show the differences between what the evidence actually supports and how the police and news media differed. In each of the three sets of murders listed above, there were wide differences between what the facts show and what the police felt about the murders. The difference between the facts and how the news media portrayed the murders is much wider, and there are cases of detail being falsified by the news media in some cases.

The average reader will not only learn a great deal about the crimes that were committed in three instances, they will learn that the police have no special powers to define what is real. You would expect that the news media would go well beyond known facts at times, however, you will read about how reports falsified fact to keep a story hot. I discuss at least one instance, and perhaps more, where it was possible that certain reporters were personally involved with one of the murderers.

You might think you know a great deal about Jack the Ripper. So did I until I started actually analyzing the available facts, and found much of what I had read and thought was accurate was far from the truth. The more I looked at it, the more possibilities popped up. Even before I began the book, I was aware that little of the information written about what is known as the 'Black Dahlia' kiling was correct, but I found that the true facts show much more than what I had been told. I also found that some writers had been confused by the media coverage in 1947 of six additional killings as being part of the 'Black Dahlia' murders. Although Robert Graysmith does an admirable job in his two books on San Francisco's Zodiac, certain factors about the Zodiac might have been improperly analyzed, and there is a strong possibility that the persona we know as the 'Zodiac' was really two killers, each of which killed separately.

The book should be an interested read for anyone who is interested in any of these sets of murders, or who would like to read about how the media tends to create its own impression of a criminals brand that might be very different from what is real. The book should also outline how the police can be focused in such a manner that the evidence does not get looked at in an unbiased manner; the facts are funneled into standardized methods, models, and perspectives even when it does not fit well. The police can only do as well as their experience and their training will let them, and there are times when all of that is inadequate to handle the criminal being sought.

Keep tuned in and I'll let you know when and where it will be published.

Sherman A. Meeds, Jr.
April 25, 2009


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