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Printer Friendly Dated: 5/19/2009

Has anyone been abducted by Intelligent Life Forms From Outer Space?
A brief introduction to the questions concerning reports of people having been abducted by intelligent, technically advanced life forms from outer space.

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) continues to be one of the main elements of controversy. Some people strongly believe these things exist, while others believe just as strongly that they are hoaxes, illusions, and the like. It would not surprise anyone to find out that at least some of the reported objects in the sky were actually super-secret military technology. The question then becomes how much and which ones? Of the greatest significance is the question, are any of the objects reported coming from another planet that circles a different star, perhaps in a different galaxy?

It does not take a lot of imagination to figure out that humankind will be able to travel to other stars at some point in the future. It is also easy to imagine that other life forms have preceded us up the ladder of intelligence and technical capability. Of prime concern is whether any of these alien cultures have been visiting us on the earth.

Eric Von Daniken has sold a great many books based on the possibility that alien cultures have influenced earth cultures in the past. The idea has a strong appeal, but the evidence is rather circumstantial and scanty at best. We can say it was possible, but they must have left very little of themselves behind. In any case, the question of what UFOs might be remains an important one. Most UFOs prove to be very ordinary, usually something was misinterpreted because of many different reasons, while a few remain in the unknown category.

`Black Budget`1 military technology is probably the best explanation for most of the UFOs that can not be identified. Perhaps others might be something very different. If the reports of alien abduction are accurate, it would mean that at least some of these UFOs must come from somewhere other than the earth.

The most extreme form of interaction between a human and a UFO is actual contact. Alien abduction would be much more than that, where alien life forms physically abduct a human being and do some experimentation on him or her. Actual reports are few, however, those that are reported are distinctive, detailed, and the person involved seems to believe strongly that the event was real. Sometimes there are other people who can somewhat corroborate the experience and at rare times physical evidence might be found. So the question remains; do aliens abduct human beings?

Let us look at it like it was a murder investigation and establish motive, means, and opportunity. The means is never in question, since these alien cultures would have to possess the means to come to the earth and abduct just about anyone they might want to if they are capable of safe interstellar travel. However, the questions concerning motive and opportunity are more difficult.

What would the motive be to adbduct humans and experiment on them? Without thinking, you might readily conclude that a healthy scientific approach would be that aliens coming to earth would want to learn as much about us as they could. Actual physical experimentation and study would be the best way to do that. However, the actual events reported in these abductions seem to be far outside of what you might expect based on a scientific perspective, having content more of a dreamlike or nightmarish state.

Scientists are well aware of something called the uncertainty principle, which says when you study something, you change it. The closer you come to it and the more intrusive the investigation, the more you change it and the less accurate the data you obtain. An alien culture capable of coming across many light years of space would probably have the capability of studying environments on any planet they might wish to. Our scientists understand two basic approaches to studying life forms within their environment. First would be a passive approach, where the maximum amount of data is obtained without affecting the life forms in any way. Second would be an attempt to gather data directly but without the life forms being aware of it. If they become aware of the intrusion for outside, it changes everything. The secret is to keep their activity as natural as it can be. As Humans, we will probably be very careful when we finally make it to the point we find a planetary culture that isn't as technologically capable as we are. We will probably be very careful and the other culture will not know of us for quite a while. Since we feel that intelligence is something special, it is probable that we will have laws by that time that restrict abuse of other intelligent cultures. We will be very, very careful, and that does not include something as intrusive as the clumsy abductions that have been reported.

Since the 1980`s, researchers have been aware that there is a correlation between what was reported in alien abduction events and the current presentation of alien technology in the media. Movies of the 1950`s have a lot in common to alien abduction events in the 1950`s. The same is true of the 1960`s and the 1970`s. Since it is improbable that the technology used by cultures from other planets would have some parallel to how things are being handled in our movies, it seems that at least a portion of what is being reported must come from something other than an alien culture.

Another common element that usually begins the event is the person encounters something extraordinary, a ball of light or a round, glowing object. It is usually the person who walks up and touches the object or comes closest to it that ends up being abducted. That is an important element to remember.

It would be impossible for me to explain the results of the studies of the human brain done during the last forty or fifty years, but an understanding of what the brain is capable of is also important. In fact, you cannot analyze what happened in these cases without such an understanding. How can you investigate something based mostly on human experience when you do not fully understand what the human brain is capable of? It is improbable that all of the details reported could be real, since at least some of them appear to have come from the human brain, based on some of the details probably coming from the brain of the abductee, not the event itself; otherwise, there would be no correlation between alien portrayals in the media and the reported event. Since the experiences reported by the abductees that are in parallel to the current media must have come from the human brain, the key must lie there.

One of the things that researchers found through the years was how susceptible the human brain is to electricity. Metallic wires carrying minute electric charges can stimulate a spot in the human brain, causing the person to `experience` things that were unreal. In the experimentation, the person sometimes experienced things that had no basis in time, experiences that took moments that seemed to take hours and some that took hours and seemed to have had no time pass at all. Sometimes the experience was based in something the person remembered, and sometimes it was something that the person did not remember ever having occurred. The most important thing to remember about that is the person might have no way to be sure what is real. The experience might be generated based on ther person`s expectations. If the person believed he is viewing something that was by nature extraterrestrial, the resultant halucination might conform to that expectation. It would only have to happen a few times to end up with the few, very rare reported cases we have.

If someone had an encounter with an electrical phenomenon, such as balled lightning or some side affect of the earth's magnetic field, that appeared to be a ball of light or even a ball with a metallic sheen, and the person touched it, the electric shock could affect the brain in any number of ways, sometimes leading to a hallucinatory experience. If something like that did occur, the person would have had no way of knowing it; it would seem to be real.

The plasma-oriented nature of ball-lightning, or that found in what has commonly been called spirit lights, could do more than just cause the person or persons to experience something unreal; such a phenomenon could cause scorched earth, could be captured by a camera, could cause electronics to malfunction, and perhaps could explain some of the reported UFOs when they are seen nearby in the sky. We know that the thing called spirit lights does exist and these items have now been produced in the laboratory. Given that such an object had a fairly strong inherent electrical charge and someone touched it, we would potentially have a wide range of possible outcomes. In very extreme cases, it might be capable to kiling a person or producing damage to the brain. Lightning is an extreme example of a very strong, similar charge. It is possible that it would cause the person to experience unreal things. Probably most of the time, the person would feel a shock and not much else. However, we still have many questions to answer about that sort of phenomena and how it might exist within the earthly environment.

I have not attempted to prove that alien abductions are due to this sort of phenomenon in this article. We have no definitive evidence that proves it even though we do have proof that this sort of phenomenon has the potential to explain it; a theory that the reported cases are electrical induced hallucination coupled with coming into contact with an electrically charged natural phenonemon can explain the events in a way that matches what we know. The theory that aliens are abducting people cannot. Perhaps all of the alien abduction events reported were caused by such things. Perhaps none of them are. Perhaps some of the abductions are real or none of them. Based on the events as reported, we cannot prove a cause for any of them. The possibilities remain open with the nature of the abduction reports undefinable. Nothing can prove either that aliens were involved or prove that the human brain imagined it all.

As you can see, the case for alien abduction remains open.

by Sherman A. Meeds, Jr.
Copyright 2009

1. Black Budget refers to the super-secret military technoloigy that is kept hidden. Since even those people who authorize the budget are not given any details of what it contains, they refer to it as the Black Budget, indicating it is completely hidden behind a black veil.
Copyright 2009 by Sherman A. Meeds Jr.

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