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Printer Friendly Dated: 5/19/2009

What happened to Judge Crater?
Where did he disappear to in 1930?

When New York Supreme Court Judge ____ Crater vanished on __________, it became one of the longest lasting, best known of American disappearances. It was not that Judge Crater was nationally known, but his job as a temporary associate judge on the New York Supreme Court had some potential fame associated with it. What was more important was that he was said to have some association with the notorious Tammany Hall Gang in New York City, and that made a good story. Tammany Hall was an organization that furthered the political ambitions of the Democrative party and immigrants up to 1935, when it fell from power, finally disappearing in the 1960s. Many said they did not like the political power that the Tammany Hill gang wielded in the largest city in the Americas, especially since a certain amount of corruption existed in the group, however, many in New York City had been involved with them over the years.

Judge Crater was placed in his job by Franklin D. Roosevelt, probably because of support from the Tammany Hall group. Tammany Hall probably used their influence because they intended for the Judge to act as their agent when necessary. At the time he disappeared, he had been handling a very controversial set of transactions, where an old building ???? had been sold for ___, then sold back to the city at _______ million dollars. Obviously, the deal would net a great deal of money for someone. Exactly who might have been behind the transaction was hard to prove. In any case, the transaction was taking some time to conclude, and the tension involved for the person who was waiting for his money must have been high.



by Sherman A. Meeds, Jr.
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